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Welcome foreign people! We have the ability to use English teaching.

First, Profile                                               


                         Chief        Lee,  Pei-Shan                                   

1.This class approves for the government to set up, the primitive location driving test, specially the Taipei County 
    government inspects  the specially outstanding class . 
    Training type: The car driver training, the qualifications should be at least 18 years old.
    Manual gear shift car driver’s training: Needs to pay the school expense and the gauge expense.
    Automatic gear shift car driver’s training: Needs to pay the school expense and the gauge expense.

2.Lee, Miss Pei-Shan from Tatung Driver  School  commencement of business, starts in the company from the basic  
   unit, slowly rises the manager, understood regarding the student demand, provides consummates the learning
   environment and the teaching service for the young people.

3.Tatung Driver  School management team, accumulates the dozens of year management ideas, since long attains the
   Controlling organization, the social appreciation and the affirmation, is the Shulin, Sinjhuang, the Sansia, Yingge
   area first has the honor to receive the government to be authorized [he primitive location driving test] the
   achievement to harness the training class superiorly, but we still unceasingly increased the equipment, the teaching,
   the teachers and the service aspect makes every effort to consummate.

4.The equipment aspect does not hesitate the great riches, the comprehensive elimination obsolete vehicles, exchange
   reorganize TOYOTA brand-new the new car, the teacher equipment renew unceasingly, the teachers all possess the
   certificate to illuminate

5.Automobile driving is the national should prepare the skill, this class of teaching curriculum impels, is promotes the
   driver quality for the  coordinate government, promotes the road traffic security is the goal. Therefore comes this
   class to study driving, besides may feel the high  quality the service, may and trains the sociology outstandingly
   from the complete teaching facility to the correct security driving skill.
   This class of counter young lady and training all kind kind, if has discontented, welcome to appeal.        

6.The student appeals to the pipeline:
   >Specialist special line processing:
      Telephone: (02)2683-8860(Director  chief )    GSM:0911-140903
       facsimile: (02)2675-0146(Director chief)
  >E-MAIL (
Director chief:
  > Delivers this class to establish the suggestion box.    


8. Recruits the ordinary passenger vehicle class, each time is divided A B two in echelon, each recruits students in
    echelon 175 people,   today teaches a course, five week knot teaches, Originally the location driving test,  
    guaranteed that passes an examination the driving license.

9. Registration qualifications, time, place:
    > every are 18 years old, not school record and household register area limit.
    > registrations handle in this class of counter, please first pay expenses above NT$1000 , the spare money in
       teaches   a course the same day  to give neat, and designates the training time.
   > Monday to Saturday for from 6:00 am to 9:00 pm ten points, week legal holiday date for from 8:00 am handles to
      8:00 pm time.

10. The appointment physical examination, should prepare the credential:
      (1) takes to the physical examination time: (appointment  month  date  noon) Monday, Wednesday, Friday,
           Saturday  for 8:30 am; On Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday for 1:00 pm, to this class of counter registration.
      (2) physical examinations should prepare the credential: > identification card principal edition and picture book;
            > inch positive recent photo six > pay charge  affaires to spend.
      (3) go to the physical examination, asks Before  to teach a course returns the physical chart.

12. Before the training subject, the hour (attend class, complete physical examination)
      > disciplines: The entire time attends class for 24 hours, the topic driving principle and the method  (1). the
        driving  morals  (2). prevents and processes (3) cause troubles including(4). the traffic law (5). automobile
        manufacture  and the repair and   maintenance (6). first aid general knowledge.
      > Technique branches: The entire time 32 hours, the topic contains: (1) drives (2) practice driving (3) path driving
        basically;  Up to this class of time limit number, does not let you learn passes an examination.

13.Registration place:
      No.331-1, Sec. 1, Bao’an St., Shulin Dist., New Taipei City 238, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
     Registers the special line:(02)2675-8438
     Facsimile: (02)2675-0146