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Welcome foreign people! We have the ability to use English teaching.


1.The company does not hesitate to spend the money establishment automobile video and music entity operation [to
    drive simulator], to begin studies the driver to provide the correct security the driving method.

2.Characteristic of each kind of advanced teacher equipment the audiovisual education has everything expected to
    find, teacher equipment   leading same business.

3.The software develops characteristic this company to invite each kind of outstanding talent voluntarily, develops
    each kind of practical  computer software positively, your favor student.

4. (1)Characteristic of the driver training car reorganizes TOYOTA brand-new the TERCEL cold warm air driver
        training car, the student  responds good.
   (2)This class is hanging the training name brand behind the driver training car, besides facilitates the student
        to    pursue  the training, may provide the student to compare each coach teaches method the difference,
       moreover the  road drives time, besides   gives the moral rule, becomes the object possibly which the populace
       imitate and  assign.
   (3)The driver training car all has the high quota to be safe, lets reassurance which the student opens.
   (4)For the safeguard student, takes out insurance the high quota insurance for the student.
   (5)This class establishes the exclusive maintenance park, by possesses of maintenance crews the mechanic license
        to  be responsible to  service, the driver training car vehicle condition is good.
   (6)The labor wants the friendly its matter, must benefit first its, has the regrettable matter unavoidably in the training
        which the collision   and scratches hits, because of like this, this class forms the fast service group especially,
        after  having the accident, may restore in two   hours the driver training car the original condition, maintenance
        normal  transport business, the absolution cause troubling student   sense of fear.
   (7)The driver training car addition sphere of physical disabilities, the counselling disabled persons through the
       examination, and renders  assistance of all need.

5. characteristic of area the location equipment is 6035 square meters, tests the field facility 2 sets electrically operated.

6. Characteristic of the research development in view of the fact that the level crossing accident is recently frequent,
    this class to let the  student when faces the level crossing panic stations, can make the correct strain to establish
    especially for the student operates, the   practice personally. Some feelings in handing over the road fork already
    gradually the replacement were the LED captions green light  count the seconds the installment, this class to let the 
    student adapt, established “the red candle to count the seconds” especially.  In order to teach that the driver
    respects the life, initiates the pedestrian first right of way, additionally builds the pedestrian to pass    through the
    zebra crossing young green person practical application teaching especially in path driving.

7. Administrative charge affaires sends and picks up the characteristic:
   (1) Implements the complete teaching curriculum to come this  class to study can feel the rich course content,
         besides field in basic   driving, generally path's road driving and the discipline curriculum,  all illuminate the
         government to stipulate, discipline 24,   technique branch 32, moreover the technique branch does not limit the
         pitch  number, Lu Kao guarantees the class.
   (2) Studies the vehicle, tests illuminates, starting off, OK!
        Tests for your perusal the actual driving experience balanced, causes this class of student to be possible by way
        of unceasing   to practice to pass an examination the driving license smoothly, and obtains the experience
        confidence by the path driving training.
   (3) Administrative charge affaires, time-saving convenient all such as [applies for study driving], [pen, driving test
         register],  [arrangement physical examination], [receives the driving license}….  And so on items, by this class
         of administrative personnel charge affaires, the physical examination written examination and    have the
        private car to send and pick up.
   (4) The oral exam, road driving counsels specially.
        Oral exam: Every is literate few and the public figures of foreign nationality, this class has the specialist to
         counsel attentively  (and does not hesitate great riches development mouth written examination computer
         analogous system, welcome use). In addition   has the road to drive counsels specially.
   (5)Mingcheng Driver School advocated diligently facilitates the customer and the improvement service personnels' 
        service attitude, the customer studies when drives, will discover that the counter personnel and coach the service
        attitude genial, kind, sympathize, conveniently, fast, some people to serve tea, the free photographic printing, the
        facsimile, swipes the card does not add the handling charge and so on, lets customer who study drives, has is
        served the feeling. The improvement service, creates the student degree of satisfaction continually.