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Fifth, Test Focus

1. Discipline
    The discipline may put in order on-line simulation to the Taipei Jail to test the system.  

2. Technique branch key

    (1) The backlash enters the warehouse:
         Acts one time to complete, even if cannot retrocede the specific range (to press pipeline to deduct 16 points),
         must continue to   complete the test project (a spot to hit steering wheel early, but may also in revision, too late
         hit, can look at wheel pressure tube   helplessly only), so long as does not collide the safety island (to deduct 32
         points), also has the opportunity to continue to complete  the following project. Note: Has not been able to
         complete the test project or to leak tests any project to deduct 32 points. Secret:   Slows down the vehicle speed,
        looks at the clear project, relaxes the mood, does not strive for to do attractively, so long as goes   through a
        strategic pass well.                                                                                                        

     (2) parellel curb parkings:
          Acts one time to complete, even if the specific range (presses pipeline to deduct  16 points) but actually, must
          continue to complete   the test project, so long as does not collide the safety island (to deduct  32 points), also
          has the opportunity to continue to complete   the following project. Note: The previous project do not have the
          point deduction record. Secret: The vehicle speed controls, returns    to the timing the speed to be slow
           certainly,    after returning, certainly is the left face specially.                                  

      (3) curve onset and retreat:
           When advance the careful travel, do not press the pipeline (to deduct  32 points), slow has not related,
           probably   maintains the wheel   and the pipeline is away from 30~40 centimeters, but the tire do not stop the
           trundle    (parking deducting  8 points, but by two times is   limited to), when  backlash  presses the pipeline to
          deduct 16   points, but do not collide the safety island (to deduct 32 points), if  presses the pipeline not to be
           able to draw   back, may go forward revises, the backlash (an opportunity), front the project do not   have the
           point deduction    record again. Secret:   We want the vehicle to walk toward that direction, must the steering
          wheel toward that   direction extension, i.e. the vehicle is defers    to our meaning in the travel, left side of the
           extension it toward     left, transfers is right it toward right, but S it is toward left curved and   one toward right
           bends by one combines   becomes, therefore your essential distinction now is in left curved or right curved,
           then    transfers to the     direction because of S for the arc, the vehicle has its certain  position and the angle in
           inside, therefore we must it    control and the side line maintain certain distances, like needs revises on is that
           side is wideRepairs toward that   side, when the  rotation are many, transfers that side is away from reduces, but
           one side revises in addition after     the fill-out, must return the steering    wheel with the original angle same
           place, most mainly do not let the    distance broaden, so long as the backlash does not hit the safety   island, if
           really cannot draw back, proceeds to   retrocede, may go through a strategic pass. 

     (4) hands over the road fork:
          When before the traffic light, the confirmation is a green light, passes directly, but the green light glitters time,
          the front to the   induction line, the accelerator (has decided five seconds fast slightly through green light flash
         unification), do not be indecisive,   otherwise snatches the yellow light, to run a red light deduct 32 points, do
         not  the general idea.      

     (5)railroad level crossings:
         The lamp signal certainly will dodge, must stop certainly (front wheel surmounting stop line before the stop line
          or front deduct   32 points in railway rail railroad tie scope).      


      (6) shifts gears to test stably:
           Trades in order in 45 meters pressure tubes to 33, and the wheel do not press the pipeline, when gear the eye
            do   not look at a row   of catch rod, in order to avoid diverts attention presses (deduct 32 points) to the
            pipeline to  maintain the visual pressure tube end    point place, after files position transformation, refuels
            (acceleration) the   time to be sure not to be long, so long as has the acceleration     movement then to shift
            gears. Secret: Actually   the stable shifting gears span has 45 meters, also does not have the regulation speed,   
            so long as trades well  inside the stipulation distance the files position, does not want each files position to
            flush, plans each files   position's travel distance, along a prescribed path completes each movement,
            unhurriedly might.

       (7) on down ramps:
            The front wheel must in the specific range stop, and four rounds do not press the pipeline (to deduct 16 points),             then tightens the  handbrake, to refuel slightly, slowly puts the coupling changes to the engine revolution
            sound is low and deep when the fixed   clutch pedal altitude, relaxes the handbrake, continues the give it the
            gun, continues to release the clutch pedal to output (this step    to the power to refuel with release clutch pedal
            maintains completely simultaneously carries on), when downhill do not step on the    clutch pedal (to regard
            with puts neutral gear glide to deduct 32 points).                                                       


       (8) zebra crossings: The lamp signal certainly will dodge, must stop before the stop line, waits for the lamp signal
             extinguishment, will  then pass.


      Summary: The entire journey path travel, in the field all white solid wire gauge (deducts 32 points) with the safety
                       island, do not surmount the  white solid line willfully, even if stops the hard extension steering wheel
                       not to be able to press, the other buckle two points, do not need too    to care but actually, even if the
                       examination official insists you to hit the turn signal.
          The above all sorts, the name will become harnesses the training class training all in detail to teach.